Thursday, April 22, 2010

Use The Force

Last night, I and my Guitar Hero III band played at the Kaiju Megadome. Because the Guitar Hero III people are easily impressed, we rocked the crowd. Furious, Lou dragged my band down to the depths of the imaginatively named Lou's Inferno to suffer eternal torment. Lou wasn't particularly happy with me when I arrived. "Yeah, sorry I'm late," I said, sipping on a smoothie, "But I saw this smoothie stand and they shouted that they were giving them away free to band members."

"Wait, really?" my bassist said, "How many did they have left?"

"You're supposed to come down immediately!" Lou shouted, ignoring the bassist, "I own your soul. It's in the contract!"

"Yeaaaah, about that," I said, "George Burdell isn't actually my name."

"It doesn't matter!" Lou said, "So long as it's even your alias, then you should've been bound by the contract."

"It's not my alias, though. I stole it from some guy named William Edgar Smith, who is either dead or very, very old," I said.

Lou was not pleased. He was even less pleased when I decided to collapse the Inferno, release all those imprisoned within, and annihilate him entirely using nothing but the power of rock. Unfortunately, the first song on the list, Knights of Cydonia, was one I couldn't actually play. I'd tried it out in practice a couple of times, and it just didn't work. So when the tricky part was coming up and I was just about positive I was about to fail completely, I did what anyone would've done in my situation.

I used the Force. No, really. I stopped concentrating and just let reflexes take over completely. And it worked. Twenty minutes later and Lou is nothing more than a memory.

As for what's bothering me personally, apparently my mother doesn't want to take away my computer for fear that I'll kill her. I think she may have been exaggerating her fears a whee bit for the sake of trying to make a point. But she isn't likely to try and take my computer away, so there's that.

And now to roll the dice!

The Best Actors of 2008

I 'unno. I don't keep track of this stuff.

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